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February 2018

 Dedicated to:

Holy Family

Sunday, February 4

Sexagesima Sunday

Confession: 9:00am

Mass: 10:00am 

 Sunday, February 11

Quinquagesima Sunday

Confession : 9:00am 

Mass: 10:00am

Ash Wednesday February 14

Mass: 7:00pm 

Sunday, February 18

First Sunday in Lent

 2nd Collection for LaSalette

 Confession: 9:00am 

Mass: 10:00am 

 Sunday, February 25

Second Sunday in Lent

Confession : 9:00am 

Mass: 10:00am



Most Holy Rosary

Please join us in praying 5 decades of the Most Holy Rosary each Sunday 30 minutes before Mass.

First Friday

Holy Mass at 7:00pm

Followed by Stations of the Cross

first Saturday

Holy Mass at 9:00aM

With Rosary and Benediction

The Five First Saturdays Devotion

The three visionaries who relayed Our Lady's request

During her July 1917 apparition at Fatima, Our Lady said to Lucy:

I shall come to ask... that on the First Saturday of every month, Communions of reparation be made in atonement for the sins of the world.”

To those who faithfully follow our Lady’s requests, she has made this wonderful promise to “assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation.” This means that our Blessed Mother will be present at the hour of death with the actual grace of final perseverance.
Learn more about this important devotion 

Weekday Mass

Mon - Fri - 8:00am  Saturday - 9:00am


Confessions are held one hour before Sunday Masses (i.e. 9:00 am). The confessional booth is private and located in the main area of the chapel.

Silence in Church

Out of Respect for the Blessed Sacrament, Silence is Observed in the Church. PLEASE SILENCE ALL DEVICES

Proper Dress

 According to the Apostolic custom and Church Law,  women and girls are requested to have their heads covered.

 Out of respect for Our Lord and for mutual edification, men and women should dress modestly. Slacks, shorts, sleeveless dresses, and low cut dresses do not meet the norm of Christian modesty. Dress which is too casual is inappropriate. This matter is evidence of your love for our God in the Blessed Sacrament.

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Angelus Press Places Featured Titles on Sale for Lenten Reflection and Prayer

February 01, 2018

With the Lenten season less than two weeks away, now is the time for the faithful to look to this season of preparation for the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

For many this means a commitment to attend Holy Mass more often and to partake regularly in the sacrament of confession. It also means taking additional time out to spend with Our Lord in Adoration or to reflect more deeply on His Passion during the weekly Stations of the Cross.

In order to assist Catholics in having a good Lent, Angelus Press—the publishing apostolate of the Society of Saint Pius X—is placing a selection of Lenten titles on sale from February 1-14, 2018. Whether you or looking for a book of seasonal meditations or a missal to assist you in following the Sacred Triduum, Angelus Press has it available.

Whether you are in need of Lenten materials or not, please keep Angelus Press in your prayers during Lent and on into the Easter season. Now its 40th year, Angelus Press remains a crucial component of the Society’s mission to restore all things in Christ. By your prayers and the grace of God, may Angelus Press have another four decades to nurture the faithful during their earthly pilgrimage. 

See All Lenten Titles

Our Lady Appears At Fatima

Specators of the Miracle of the Sun

On May 13, 1917, the children did not know the confused condition of the world. They had not heard the voice of Pope Benedict XV, who had addressed himself to the Mother of Mankind, asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to look upon the world in tears, to sympathize with the wailing of innocent children, the anguished cries of mothers and wives. This was the day on which the Queen of Heaven had decided to answer the Holy Father’s plea.

Around noon, the children were startled by a sudden flash of lightning. Looking up, they saw no sign of a storm. The sky had never been so beautiful, nor the valley more peaceful. Again came the flash.

Fearing now that a sudden storm would overtake them, they ran in the direction of the little cave. As they turned, they were startled to see a beautiful lady standing in one of the little oak trees nearby. “Do not be afraid. I will do you no harm,” said the beautiful lady. Unafraid, Lucy questioned:

Where is Your Grace from?
I am of Heaven.Shall I go to Heaven?
Yes, you will.”

Then, thinking of her companions:

And Jacinta?
Also!And Francisco?
Also, but he will have to say many rosaries."

Indeed, Francisco became an inspiration to the others. One day the girls were so busy playing that they did not think of Francisco until lunch time. “Francisco,” they called, “Are you ready to eat lunch with us?” “No, I don’t want any lunch.” Later they asked what he was doing, “I was thinking of Our Lord, Who is sad because of so many sins. How I wish I could make Him happy!” Another time they called him to play, and he simply held up his rosary. “Oh, say that later.” “Now, and later too,” answered the boy. “Don’t you remember that Our Lady said I would have to say many rosaries?”

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How many of your friends or family can you help, by having a Mass offered for them?

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